When choosing between the 6.5" ScanSpeak Illuminator and Revelator I went with the Revelator in large part due to the comments Zaph made about the I'm wondering if the Revelator has changed, or if Zaph's measurements somehow missed this, or if maybe he accidentally reversed the data for the. ScanSpeak Illuminator 18WU/4741T-00. Revelator - Scan-Speak A/S Revelator Products in our Revelator family have been an industry standard in high end loudspeaker systems for many years. The key feature being the filled cone slits for the midwoofers and midranges which reproduce music at a dynamic level and clarity that at the time of. Wednesday at 9:27 AM. #2. Scan Speak tweeters that I measured, worked with, and listened to (some of them also in WG): R2904/7000 Revelator ring radiator. D2904/7100 Revelator dome. D3004/6600 Illuminator dome. R3004/6620 Illuminator ring radiator. 9700 Classic. Small flange Illuminator tweeters.

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